England, Scotland and Wales

England, Scotland and Wales

Tour the Best of Britain

Ancient traditions, living history, a great diversity of cultural heritage - you will experience all of this and more on any journey through the British Isles.


Exploring Paris, Normandy and the Loire Valley

Northern France Tour

Exploring Paris, Normandy and the Loire Valley

France offers you a rich variety of experiences - its landscapes, history, cultures and cuisine make this one of the world's most exciting destinations.


Greece, Turkey & Mediterranean Cruise

Greece, Turkey and Mediterranean Cruise

In the Footsteps of St. Paul

See the places where Christianity first gained a foothold in Europe by treading the path of the Apostle Paul in the eastern Mediterranean.


Bunratty Ireland

Ponta Vechio Italy








St. Peters Rome

Wartburg Germany


Group Travel Organized by Experts

Are you looking for an experienced travel company to arrange your pilgrimage tour?

Or a customized itinerary for an educational group?

Or someone who can arrange prestigious venues for a concert tour for your choir or band?

At Trans World Travel, Inc. we are experts in this specialized field of travel and tourism. After all, we've been sending groups all over the world under our care since 1947!

Take a look at what we have to offer:

Religious Tours and Pilgrimage Travel

Whether it's the treasures of the Holy Land or the echoes of historical faith in the cities of Europe, Trans World Travel, Inc. has a wide and varied series of tours for religious groups of all faiths and denominations. Take a look at our religious travel page for more ideas.

For Lutherans, the year 2017 will mark 500 years of the Reformation and to celebrate the Luther Decade, we have a wide range of tours available - see the extensive information on our Luther Decade and Reformation Heritage pages for further details.

Educational Travel

We organize trips and tours for high school and university groups, as well as alumni travel, to all parts of the globe. This is where the classroom experience is brought to life. You can read more about what we offer on our educational travel page.

Concert Tours

Concert tours are another area of our expertise - regional choirs, bands and orchestras have traveled to many countries under our wing and their program of concerts in the historic cities of Europe and further afield have provided a lifetime of memories for all participants. Learn more about what we can do for musical groups on our concert tours page.


If you are looking for our complete range of tours and group travel offers then head directly to our destinations page.

If you'd like to learn more about our family business and why you can be sure to trust us with your travel arrangements, you can see more about our company on our About Us page.

And it's there as well that you can feel free to contact us with any questions or queries that you might have regarding our program or your needs.

We look forward to hearing from you,
John Gibbs
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