Greece, Turkey & Mediterranean Cruise

Greece, Turkey and Mediterranean Cruise

In the Footsteps of St. Paul

See the places where Christianity first gained a foothold in Europe by treading the path of the Apostle Paul in the eastern Mediterranean.

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Italy Pilgrimage Tour

Rome and Italy

A Classical Italian Pilgrimage

Rome and Italy - like the Holy Land - stand at the heart of Catholicism and this spiritual journey explores the roots and foundations of the Roman Catholic Church.

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The Holy Land Tour

The Holy Land

A Journey through the Bible

This is truly the journey of a lifetime for Christians of all denominations to a place where the stories of the Bible come to life. Join us on this spiritual journey of faith to the cradle of Christianity and the lands of the Old and New Testaments.

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Ponta Vechio Italy







St. Peters Rome

Bunratty Ireland


Wartburg Germany


Reformation Heritage

In the Footsteps of Martin Luther

Our Reformation Heritage tour is the perfect choice for those who prefer to focus on Martin Luther and his life. Here is a sample 10-day itinerary:

Reformation Heritage Itinerary

Day One: US Departure

Day Two: Frankfurt - Worms
Worms - site of Luther’s trial and excommunication.

Day Three: Worms Area - Coburg - Erfurt
Coburg - the fortress refuge, where Luther began the translation of the Old Testament from the original Hebrew.

Day Four: Erfurt
Erfurt - Luther's university and the start of his monastic life.



Day Five: Erfurt - Wartburg - Eisenach - Erfurt
The Wartburg - Luther's hiding-place for 10 months following the Diet of Worms, where he translated the New Testament from the original Greek text into German.

Eisenach - where Luther attended school and sang as a choirboy and birthplace of Johann Sebastian Bach, whose music became a celebration of his Lutheran faith.

Day Six: Erfurt - Weimar - Eisleben - Leipzig
Weimar - the cradle of German culture and one of the earliest cities to embrace Luther's Reformation.

Eisleben - the town where Martin Luther was born and, concidentally, also died.  The houses associated with both events now trace the origins of the Reformation through Luther's own roots and heritage.

Day Seven: Leipzig - Torgau - Wittenberg
Leipzig - the crucible of the peaceful revolution which led to the downfall of East Germany's Communist regime in 1989. 

Torgau - the ‘wet-nurse’ of the Reformation, because it was here that the articles were drawn up, which later became the basis for the Augsburg Confession. 

Day Eight: Wittenberg
Wittenberg - the city regarded as the very cradle of the Reformation, where Luther lived and worked from 1508 to 1546 and where his action of nailing the 95 theses to the door of the Castle Church in 1517 set in motion the movement which would shake the Christian church to its foundations.


Castle Church in Wittenberg
Photo used with permission of WittenbergKultur e.V 

Day Nine: Wittenberg - Berlin
Berlin - fascinating city reinstated as Germany’s capital and seat of government after re-unification in 1990.

Day Ten: Berlin - USA

Booking Your Luther Decade Tour

If you would like to know more about the Protestant Reformation itself, then take a look at our Reformation history page.

If you have any questions about leading a group to the Luther Decade or about customizing a tour to suit the interests of your group, then we have prepared a page for group leaders.

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