Sicily and Italy

Italy and Sicily

Jewels of the Mediterranean

As the cradle of modern civilisation, Italy has more than most countries to offer - history, art and spectacular scenery in equal measure.

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Sweden, Norway and Denmark

Sweden, Norway and Denmark

A Scandinavian Panorama

The lands of the Vikings, the ancient territories of the Norsemen, are swathed in centuries of legends and folklore. Come with us as we explore the castles and history, the glittering fjords and the dense forests in the lands of the Midnight Sun.

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England, Scotland and Wales

England, Scotland and Wales

Tour the Best of Britain

Ancient traditions, living history, a great diversity of cultural heritage - you will experience all of this and more on any journey through the British Isles.

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The Luther Decade Tour Groups

Information for Group Leaders

In 2017 we will celebrate 500 years of the Lutheran Reformation.

There can be no more fitting place to celebrate this momentous occasion than where it all began-in Germany. So why not gather your congregation together and join us during this Luther Decade to follow in the footsteps of the Great Reformer?

Both new and repeat visitors alike will be awestruck by this journey to the land of Martin Luther.


Cranach Hof in Wittenberg
Photo used with permission of WittenbergKultur e.V

All of the most important Luther sites have undergone a transformation in recent years:

  • the Luther House in Wittenberg is now the largest Reformation Museum in the world
  • the houses in Eisleben linked with Martin Luther's birth and death have been transformed into state-of-the-art exhibitions connecting the development of the Reformation to Luther's own roots
  • in Erfurt both the University and Augustinian monastery have been re-invented in their original roles

You and your group members are guaranteed a tour experience that is not only a spiritual journey of faith, but also scenic and picturesque, educational and informative - truly the experience of a lifetime.

Why Choose Trans World Travel, Inc.?

Trans World Travel, Inc. has created customized tours for churches, schools, choirs, and educational institutions since 1947.

We have a selection of programs and dates that you can join or, alternatively, with 25 passengers you can create your own tour.

With our vast range of contacts, knowledge and experience in the area, we can arrange unique experiences tailor-made to your group's interests:

  • lectures by Luther experts
  • devotional services in unforgettable locations
  • one-on-one meetings with Lutheran congregations in Germany

And for that extra special touch, why not join the annual June festival in Wittenberg, which commemorates the marriage of Martin Luther to Katharina von Bora?


Wittenberg Festival
Photo used with permission of WittenbergKultur e.V

Trans World Travel, Inc. is a full-service tour operator

This means that we will be with you every step of the way, providing you with brochures, informational material, sales meetings for prospective travelers, and a final meeting to provide your group members with the final travel information for your tour.

At Trans World Travel, Inc. we carefully select the hotels, restaurants, coach companies, tour managers and local guides from our own personal experience of the different destinations, so you are assured of only the best of all services.


Statue of Katharina von Bora in Wittenberg
Photo used with permission of WittenbergKultur e.V

Find Out More About Your Luther Decade Tour

If you are interested or have further questions then feel free to call us on (800)-323-8158 or alternatively contact us by email using the button below. One of our experienced staff will be happy to help you.

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